Crystal Rondelle Earrings – Day 20, 2017

Another rainy day in Los Angeles. We don’t get this often. It brings a certain sentiment. I love the rain, even though we don’t get it often. The clouded skies, cool breeze. I love being at the beach, in this weather. I can’t seem to put into words the feeling I have inside. Sometimes songs put into words what we feel. Our Belleza Collection Crystal Rondelle Earring, with Crystals from Swarovski | Crystal Red Magma, will help you fight the unforgiving L.A. Freeway during the rain.

Crystal Rondelle Earrings – Day 19, 2017

It’s easy to focus on the things that could go wrong. Let’s focus on the positive. Face each day as best we can. There are a lot of forces at work to derail us and inject negativity into our lives, but we can fight it. Looking good and feeling good are not mutually exclusive. Our Belleza Collection Crystal Rondelle Earring, with Crystals from Swarovski | Light Siam, adds the finishing touch to your outfit for the day to help you feel and look your best. Seize the day, Only in America.

Crystal Rondelle Earrings – Day 18, 2017

It’s one of those days where you think back on a memory. I was thinking about my recent trip to Puerto Rico. The colors of the Caribbean Ocean is awe inspiring. The island has a rich history and I wanted to reflect that in the post today. I hope one day all of you can enjoy the magnificent oceans of the world. The beach is a beautiful place to be even during the rain. Belleza Collection Crystal Earring Studs with Crystals from Swarovski | Crystal Bermuda Blue. Keep your toes in the sand even while you work.

Crystal Rondelle Earrings – Day 10, 2017

The butterfly represents transformation. Sometimes we go through tough times in our life, and we find the courage to rise above. I’m thankful to have met some really good friends by chance…and what better way to help them celebrate our friendship than in her favorite color from our Belleza Collection Crystal Earrings with Crystals from Swarovski | Rose.

En we vliegen door de dagen, En het voelt goe-oed.