Crystal Rondelle Earrings – Day 17, 2017

You know that saying, “One thing led to another?” That’s where we pick up on this friendship. Through ups and downs being able to communicate and open up has led to a stronger friendship. Each day is a learning experience, and for that I offer you our Belleza Collection Crystal Earring Studs with Crystals from Swarovski | Capri Blue. It’s to make you feel good when you go out and remind you what a great big sis you are to me. I feel It!

Crystal Rondelle Earrings – Day 13, 2017

We all have that one friend who supports us and gives us strength. Lends an open ear to listen. It’s a mutually benefitial friendship. They come to us from seemingly out of nowhere and we’re blessed to have them in our lives. For a special friend who loves the sensual colors of life, I offer her my Belleza Collection Crystal Rondelle Earrings with Crystals from Swarovski | Vintage Rose. My friend helps me realize that girls just wanna have fun, in baby pink! It’s as close as I could get, and thanks for being a great friend bbghnh.

Crystal Rondelle Earrings – Day 12, 2017

When you first open up to someone, it’s a life changing moment. You shed your armor and become vulnerable. Yet, it is in this exact moment where love, compassion and understanding shines. This light shines through the years unwavering, bright and strong. Sharing our Belleza Collection Crystal Rondelle Earrings, with Crystals from Swarovski | Rose Water Opal, is a way for me to show what a lucky man I really am.