Crystal Rondelle Earrings – Day 14, 2017

Discovering, exploring and adventuring. That’s what happens when you meet someone who opens your eyes to a whole new world! So much fun exploring an alternate universe, what an escape! Belleza Collection Crystal Rondelle Earrings with Crystals from Swarovski | Montana. Will help her do it in style! Game on!

Crystal Rondelle Earrings – Day 11, 2017

This is the first song you shared with me. Some friends make a profound impact on our lives, even from afar. In a society with fleeting friendships, it’s rare to hold onto true friends. It’s hard to explain my gratitude with just words. Thank you for your friendship is just the start. Sharing with you my Belleza Collection Crystal Earrings, with Crystals from Swarovski | Purple Velvet, is the exclamation point.