Crystal Rondelle Earrings – Day 16, 2017

Some days a single color doesn’t do the trick. You want that added sparkle and shine. While staying lowkey. Our Belleza Collection Crystal Rondelle Earrings, with Crystals from Swarovski | Vitrail Light, will complement your outfit for the day. Relaxed and elegant. You can look classy any day of the week! Have a great week! It all starts with Monday Monday.

Crystal Rondelle Earrings – Day 15, 2017

I was thinking that many competitions take place over the weekend. Dance competitions to be exact. We have supplied some of the very schools that win National Championships. Our Belleza Collection Crystal Rondelle Earrings, with Crystals from Swarovski | Crystal, is sure to add that special bling to your competition costume and confidence to the dancers. Knowing you’ve got your routine down after practicing and rehearsing for that one big moment, our earrings add the finishing touch to your hard work and dedication. Bring on the competition! This is your Fight Song!

Crystal Rondelle Earrings – Day 14, 2017

Discovering, exploring and adventuring. That’s what happens when you meet someone who opens your eyes to a whole new world! So much fun exploring an alternate universe, what an escape! Belleza Collection Crystal Rondelle Earrings with Crystals from Swarovski | Montana. Will help her do it in style! Game on!

Crystal Rondelle Earrings – Day 13, 2017

We all have that one friend who supports us and gives us strength. Lends an open ear to listen. It’s a mutually benefitial friendship. They come to us from seemingly out of nowhere and we’re blessed to have them in our lives. For a special friend who loves the sensual colors of life, I offer her my Belleza Collection Crystal Rondelle Earrings with Crystals from Swarovski | Vintage Rose. My friend helps me realize that girls just wanna have fun, in baby pink! It’s as close as I could get, and thanks for being a great friend bbghnh.

Crystal Rondelle Earrings – Day 12, 2017

When you first open up to someone, it’s a life changing moment. You shed your armor and become vulnerable. Yet, it is in this exact moment where love, compassion and understanding shines. This light shines through the years unwavering, bright and strong. Sharing our Belleza Collection Crystal Rondelle Earrings, with Crystals from Swarovski | Rose Water Opal, is a way for me to show what a lucky man I really am.

Crystal Rondelle Earrings – Day 11, 2017

This is the first song you shared with me. Some friends make a profound impact on our lives, even from afar. In a society with fleeting friendships, it’s rare to hold onto true friends. It’s hard to explain my gratitude with just words. Thank you for your friendship is just the start. Sharing with you my Belleza Collection Crystal Earrings, with Crystals from Swarovski | Purple Velvet, is the exclamation point.

Crystal Rondelle Earrings – Day 10, 2017

The butterfly represents transformation. Sometimes we go through tough times in our life, and we find the courage to rise above. I’m thankful to have met some really good friends by chance…and what better way to help them celebrate our friendship than in her favorite color from our Belleza Collection Crystal Earrings with Crystals from Swarovski | Rose.

En we vliegen door de dagen, En het voelt goe-oed.

Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday dad! Visited your cemetery today. You told me this was your favorite song. Louis and I have been working hard at the store. Mom’s been helping out a lot. We really couldn’t do it without her. It’s so tough and I realize just how much you did for us. It wasn’t easy and now I understand what I need to do to succeed and when I start my own family show them what a great father and patriarch you were to the family. I love you dad. I miss you and think of you everyday. I’ll do my best to make you proud and I have a feeling 2017 will be a great year for business. I’ve been trying to expand your business that you start over 30 years ago. Now I see a different vision for what you’ve started while keeping intact what has made your company synonymous with quality and respect. It doesn’t get any easier and I still see you in my dreams. That must mean something, right?

Your Son,

Crystal Rondelle Earrings – Day 9, 2017

I wanted to brighten up my friends day. She told me her favorite color and what do you know, we’ve got that too! So many colors to match every outfit imaginable. Belleza Collection Crystal Rondelle Earrings with Crystals from Swarovski | Violet. Thanks for being a great friend, and I owe you a batch of Korean potstickers! πŸ™‚ You’re lucky I didn’t put the theme to our PR trip. >:D *coughs* shaky